IT’S TODAY!!! Back to the Future day!!!


Happy Back to the Future Day Everyone! Today is the day Marty McFly arrives to the Future (or should I say present?).

It’s great to see every sort of events happening all around the world. Amazing!!!

And I just found this spectacular video for you to enjoy:

And don’t forget to check out my Back to the Future Poster templates – Maybe you can use them on your celebration party!!!

Back to the Eighties Movie Poster & “Back to the Eighties – Part 2 Movie Poster”!

Great Scott!!!



Back To The Eighties – Part 2 Movie Poster

Back to the Eighties - Part 2

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads”

This is a Big year for all the Back to the Future fans (me including)! October 21st 2015 is the Day Marty McFly “arrives” when he travels to the Future! So to celebrate that event, and following my hugely successful Back to the Eighties Movie Poster I decided to create the “Back to the Eighties – Part 2 Movie Poster”!

This is a professional Designed Party Flyer Poster with a MOVIE POSTER Look. This Poster was inspired by the original movie poster from 1989 “Back to the Future – Part 2” film starring Michael J. Fox. This will look amazing in any type of 80’s event, such as: party, concert, gig, show, karaoke, bar, etc.

It comes in full resolution 300 dpi, in A3 format plus bleed, that you can easily resize to a smaller size if you need. The Photoshop file is fully editable with easy named layers, so you can edit and customize it to your needs. ALL text is editable and it uses free fonts, including the top title.

Check it out!

How to Make a “Back to the Future” Halloween Flyer


Halloween is almost here, and I thought of a great idea for an Halloween Flyer or Poster: a Back to the Future Halloween Flyer!

And it is very easy to achieve!
You just need my Back to the Eighties Flyer Template, and a Stock Image like this one:


Next, you just have to remove the white background of the stock image (which is really easy on this case) and paste it on the Photoshop template file. Apply the layer effects included on the flyer template, and add a little black to white vertical gradient with an overlay effect, to better enhance the image.
Now just open the title smart object and change the text to “Back to my Halloween” (or another text of your choice).
It is also a good idea to replace the colors on the day and footer to RED, as this works better with the Halloween concept (don’t forget to change the date too).
Finally enlarge the fire trails a bit, and reposition the background light effects!

And you are done 😉
An awesome idea for an original HALLOWEEN Party Flyer & Poster!
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Get your files here:

Back to the eighties flyer poster

Hot Devil Girl Stock Image

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