Tutorial: How to make a “Party of Thrones” Medieval Halloween Flyer


October has just started and Halloween is just around the corner, and following my previous “How to Make a “Back to the Future” Halloween Flyer” here is another  great idea for an Halloween Flyer or Poster: a Sword of Thrones Halloween Flyer!

And it is very easy to achieve!

You just need my Party of Thrones Medieval Flyer, this Stock Image and this free image from Gratisography.com:



  1. Remove the background from the Stock Image:
    First, you need to remove the white background of the stock image (you can use Photoshop’s lasso tool for this). You should end up with the model in a transparent background!
  2. Open the Party of Thrones Photoshop Template and paste the stock image: 
    You should paste it above the “model” layer on the Photoshop template file. Apply the layer effects from the model layer on the flyer template, and adjust the white vertical gradient, to better enhance the image. And of course, adjust the proportion of the model to the chair, so it looks like she is sitting on it!
  3. Next Open the Free Image and Paste it on Party of Thrones Photoshop Template:
    Just above the background layer. Change the layer to overlay, and edit the Layer style effects (by double clicking on the layer). Create a Color overlay in a dark red, with an overlay blend effect. Then Create a (vertical) gradient overlay from black to white, 80% opacity and and Multiply in the blend mode. This will create a cool “ghost” effect of a medieval castle in the smoke background. See if it looks like the big image above!

Now just open the title smart object and change the text to “Sword Throne Halloween” (or another text of your choice).
Finally reposition the chair and title if needed!

And you are done 😉
An awesome idea for an original HALLOWEEN Party Flyer & Poster!
Happy Halloween, everyone!


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